Monday, 20 March 2017
DIY Landscaping tips that will make your yard stand out
  • Always water your lawn! Watering it during the day, preferably early to mid morning, lets the grass grow during its necessary four hours of natural sunlight.
  • Maintain your lawnmower! You need to make sure your lawnmower is in pristine condition. The blades should be as sharp as possible.
  • Don't cut your lawn too short! Cutting your lawn too short ruins and shocks your lawn system.
  • Fertilize and seed your lawn! Much like the vegetables and fruits we eat to grow big and strong, lawns need fertilizers and seeds to grow thick and tough.
  • Plant flowers and grass strategically! Make sure when you plant your beds not to make the beds too narrow. Extend your beds out at least one to two thirds of the house's height, if not more. 
  • Never make impulse purchases! Only buy plants and landscaping features that make sense for your family.
Posted on 03/20/2017 10:13 AM by Shannon Taylor
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