Monday, 23 November 2015
Bowie Nature Park- The Apple of Fairview's Eye!

Bowie Nature Park

One of the most beautiful places Fairview Tennessee has to offer is Bowie Nature Park. This gorgeous park consists of over 700 managed acres and is Middle Tennessee's largest City-Owned Parkland and Nature Preserve.

Bowie Nature Park was the dream of Dr. Evangeline Bowie. She died in 1992 and kindly deeded the land to the City of Fairview. Her wish for the 722-acre forest, that she created, was for it to become a public nature park.

The Bowie Park Nature Center was completed and opened in 2003. It offers visitors opportunities to learn more about the park itself with nature exhibits, brochures, and art. In 2008 the land was placed in a conservation easement where it is protected by the Land Trust for Tennessee

It is the place to go for nature lovers as it has many active eco-systems to experience and enjoy, as well as world-class nature center and Joann's Outdoor Classroom. There is easy, accessible parking and a great playground for children to play. There are also picnic facilities that you will see many people taking advantage of on a beautiful Tennessee day. Opportunities for walking, hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding along the many stunning nature trails is offered.

You'll also find 17 miles of trails that take visitors on a journey through many ecosystems including wetlands, grasslands, pine forest, oak/hickory forest, and riparian and lowland bottomland wetlands. Visitors can also enjoy and walk along the three beautifully tranquil lakes the park has on the land. It is also the place of hosting many school events and fun educational summer camp youth programs like Camp Bowie for children to have fun while learning about nature. Other programs are offered by the park as well such as nature strollers, night hikes, nature families, a walk in the woods, and star parties. Community events are often hosted here like Bowie Nature fest, Starlight Jam, Bowie Park Fall Fun Day, Rocktoberfest, Bowie Volunteer Soup Social, and many more.

This park is the fulfillment of a wish of a member of our community that wanted to offer her land as a place for people to come and learn about and enjoy nature. Not only does the park offer gorgeous nature and many opportunities to learn about and be a part of, but also a place where the community can come together and take part in events and spend time together in a place that is loved by all.

Fairview, Tennessee's Bowie Nature Park is a place that you will love to have in your community.  

Posted on 11/23/2015 11:14 AM by Kari Slusser
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